Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Drilling bonanza benefits some, bypasses others in Noble County

From:  The Columbus Dispatch 


By  Dan Gearino
The Columbus Dispatch

CALDWELL, Ohio — Farmers who struggled all their lives to pay the bills can see a future, almost within reach, of island vacations and college funds for the grandkids.
The money would come from the oil and gas industry, which has put drilling rigs on some of the tallest hills and is digging the paths for pipelines. 
 “About everybody up here is going to benefit from the ruckus and the mess, so it’s not so hard to take,” said Wayne Miley, a farmer whose family has been on the same Noble County land for more than 200 years.
But the big money has not yet arrived. That will happen if, or when, the companies begin paying production royalties, which have the potential to be much more than residents receive in signing bonuses for mineral-rights leases and pipeline rights of way.  MORE

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