Saturday, June 15, 2013

By arming al-Qaeda in Syria, Obama's transformation into Bush is now complete

COMMENT -  He always was, now you see it. 

Saturday, June 15, 2013
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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(NaturalNews) Obama's "chemical weapons" claims against Syria are woven from the same fabric as Bush's "weapons of mass destruction" claims against Iraq. That fabric is, of course, fiction. Neither claim has any basis in reality, but they make a great story that can be spoon-fed to the American people by CNN, the Comedy News Network.

The story CNN won't tell you, however, is that Obama has chosen to arm -- who else? -- al-Qaeda, the very group that Bush said flew the airplanes into the twin towers on 9/11, resulting in the creation of DHS and the TSA (yippee!) as well as the Patriot Act that gave rise to many of the surveillance abuses we're seeing today from the NSA.

"US says it will arm Syrian rebels," blares The Guardian. This is after the U.S. government claims it detected chemical weapons being used in Syria -- a claim with absolutely no basis in fact. This is nothing more than a modern-day "Bushism" being resurrected under Obama.

And who are these Syrian rebels, exactly? They're working with al-Qaeda!

"Syrian rebels pledge loyalty to al-Qaeda," blares a Detroit Free Press headline. The New American chimes in with, "President Obama OKs Shipment of Arms to Al-Qaeda in Syria."

So now it's in your face, you see: Obama is arming terrorists. Not just any terrorists, but THE terrorists that Bush claimed justified the rise of the entire U.S. police state reach-down-your-pants spy grid security theater apparatus. Isn't it now obvious that the U.S. government runs al-Queda, 1984-style, to make sure America always has a boogeyman to invoke when justifying the destruction of civil rights and individual privacy?

To fight terrorism, we will arm the terrorists

Meanwhile, the American people, as befuddled as ever, can't seem to come to grips with the fact that Obama, much like Bush, is quite literally arming the very terrorist group that he claims the U.S. police state security apparatus was constructed to fight.

Why do we need Gitmo and other secret military prisons? To "fight terrorists!" Why do we need the NSA spying on us all, reading our emails and listening to our phone calls? To "fight terrorists!" Why do we need the TSA reaching down our pants at the airport? To "fight terrorists!" And who is Obama now sending heavy weapons to in Syria? The terrorists!

It's all blatantly ridiculous at this point, and Obama's transformation into Bush is now complete. Obama, after all, agrees with all of Bush's key policies: expanding the police state, destroying the Bill of Rights, waging American imperialism across the world, running secret prisons, accelerating the national debt, bailing out the corrupt banksters and gutting America's working middle class.

While all this is going on, the American people are told to swallow one insane lie after another: Al-Qaeda is your enemy! No, wait, they're our friends! Terrorists shouldn't have weapons... but wait! Now let's arm the terrorists! The enemy is now patriots, veterans and anyone who cites the Constitution! Let's declare war on veterans while arming al-Qaeda!

This is the kind of insanity you're being subjected to on a daily basis by CNN, NPR, MSNBC and other purveyors of bewildering blather. Only a complete fluoride-headed zombie could buy into the false narratives and the never-ending "mental whiplash" head games being played by the White House. Because in addition to all this nonsense that makes Obama look nearly identical to Bush, we've also got the added bonuses of an IRS that intimidates and oppresses conservative groups, a DOJ that runs guns into Mexico while secretly wiretapping journalists, an NSA that spies on all your electronic activities including phone calls and emails, plus the dark skin pigmentation of the President which somehow allows the leftist media to stupidly label anyone who doesn't agree with Obama's actions a "racist."

Obama, in other words, has actually become worse than Bush. No wonder even left-leaning Ralph Nader, a champion of unions and socialist-leaning policies recently asked, "Has there [ever] been a bigger con man in the White House than Barack Obama?"

Certainly not when it comes to plunging the nation into an inescapable cycle of debt that will sooner or later implode in all our faces. On that front, Obama has beat Bush at his own game, taking America from a "mere" $9 trillion in debt to an ear-popping $16 trillion in national debt in less than five years:

And where did all this money go? Most of it went just three places: 1) Into the pockets of banking empire criminals on Wall Street, 2) Into the pockets of entitlement recipients who have come to depend on big government for everything, and 3) Into the pockets of the American war machine: weapons manufacturers, the Pentagon and the entire war industry.

By the time Obama leaves office in 2016 -- and we should all pray this actually takes place -- the U.S. debt will likely have exceeded $20 trillion.

You are witnessing the destruction of a nation

With each passing day that Obama remains president, Americans are thrust deeper into debt, stripped of more civil rights and constitutional protections, more deeply enslaved into the global banking monopolies, and subjected to all the abuses of a rapidly-expanding police state set to grow into such a devastating monstrosity that it's going to make the rise and fall of Nazi Germany seem like a joke.

And yet 45% or so of Americans still endorse Obama because he's black, thereby proving that Obama's supporters are, themselves, mindlessly racist because their decisions on whom to support are determined solely by the color of a man's skin rather than the content of his character. Yet they call critics of Obama "racist" for wanting to debate the President's ideas and policies... and the fact that Obama is rapidly destroying everything America once stood for: justice, civil rights, individual liberties, hard work, entrepreneurship, innovation and the idea that all men are subject to the same laws.

If these ideals of a free and just nation are abandoned, then the nation will in time devolve into a unjust, un-free society run by tyrants and exploited by domineering corporate entities. Perhaps Obama's transformation into Bush is only phase one of this plan. Step two will see Obama transform into Kim Jong Un while America becomes the ultimate expression of leftist control freak government: North Korea.

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