Saturday, June 8, 2013

Chris Christie Appoints Anti-Gun RINO As Interim US Senator

Two days ago I wrote about the absurdity of Chris Christie’s special election. My problem was not that he was having an election, but rather that it will cost the people of New Jersey almost $24 million. The article focused primarily on the fact that Dick Armey hung the label of “debilitating stupidity” on the New Jersey Governor. Armey claimed that Christie should have filled the seat with a Republican and moved on. I was in slight disagreement with Armey and I am feeling very smart right now, due to the odd chance that I was right once in my lifetime, so let me quote myself from Wednesday’s article:
As for Armey’s argument, I do understand it but I think he gives Christie too much credit. Christie is a RINO and would have simply picked a fellow RINO if he did select a “Republican” to fill the spot.
So what did Christie do to fill the interim spot? He picked a RINO (Republican in Name Only) to fill the spot. Chris Christie’s choice for interim U.S. Senator from the State of New Jersey is current Attorney General Jeffrey Chisea. Why do I call Chisea a RINO? It’s not because of the Ivory tusk coming out of his forehead. Cosmetic surgery does wonders. I call Chisea a RINO because he is a Republican gun grabber.

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