Friday, June 14, 2013

Even Snowden's Detractors See His Leaks As Helpful, Even If They Don't Admit It Outright

From:  BradBlog 

by Brad Friedman 

Ever since last week's disclosures about our massive surveillance state began pouring out from the Guardian's Glenn Greenwald, via leaked documents from NSA contractor Edward Snowden, detractors of the leaks have been pillorying them both for, among other things, supposedly putting national security at risk.
And yet, while those critics from both the Democratic and Republican side, claim that the recent disclosures have put us at risk (or something), as they argue, the issue of our massive, secret, privatized, surveillance state is, nonetheless, a very important issue about which we must have a public debate as a nation. On that, detractors from both sides seem to agree.
Well, that's all nice. But if not for the very disclosures they decry, what exactly would have spurred this public national debate in the first place?...

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