Sunday, June 30, 2013

California Sheriff Strips Forest Service Agents of Law-enforcement Powers

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The CBS affiliate in El Dorado County, California,expressed surprise when it reported that County Sheriff John D’Agostini stripped agents of the U.S. Forest Service of their law-enforcement powers in his county. 
Wrote D’Agnostini:
I take the [standard of] service that we provide to the citizens of El Dorado County and the visitors to El Dorado County [which includes Lake Tahoe] very seriously, and the style and manner of service we provide.
The U.S. Forest Service, after many attempts and [having been] given many opportunities, has failed to meet that standard.
The writer covering the story, Laura Cole, asked law professor John Myers if D’Agostini could actually do this. Said Myers: “It looks to me as though the sheriff can do this.”
This isn't the first time D’Agostini has written such a letter. Back in January, when the Senate was considering bills that would restrict gun ownership, he sent a letter to Vice President Joe Biden, saying:
The purpose of this letter is to go on record of re-affirming my oath of office and making it clear that I and my staff will never violate [our oath of office] by being pressured into enforcing any unconstitutional provision, law or executive order.
It is well-known and proven with facts … that gun control of any kind has no effect on the reduction of crime anywhere.
Don’t pass any laws where you are going to confiscate firearms and turn my law-abiding citizens into criminals.
The same writer for CBS, Laura Cole, quizzed D’Agostini about his intent if any Senate bill were actually signed into law:
Cole: Are you prepared to not follow federal law if it were to pass?
D’Agnostini: If it’s a clear violation of the United States Constitution, absolutely.
The path for D’Agostini has been made easier by another county sheriff, Richard Mack, who took a stand against federal imposition in Printz v. United States, and won. In his own words, Sheriff Mack said:  MORE

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