Thursday, April 18, 2013

‘Daddy, Please Get Out Of Here:’ Chilling Footage Captured By A Father And His Child As They Witnessed West, Texas Explosion

From:  Before It's News 

By Leslie Larson and Thomas Durante
Daily Mail

Blast at a fertilizer plant is believed to have left dozens of people dead
Derrick Hurtt and his daughter Khloey, 12, can be heard racing for safety on audio clip
As many as 15 people dead and another 160 injured
Students organize blood drive for local medical centers

A chilling video of the explosion in West, Texas, captured by a man and his child just yards away from the blast, reveals the sheer terror that has rocked this tight-knit community.
The blast at a fertilizer plant at 7:50pm local time on Wednesday has reportedly left many people dead, hundreds injured and caused a nursing home to collapse, trapping residents inside.
A resident in the small Texas town, Derrick Hurtt, had parked his car to observe the fire at the plant earlier in the night and was filming the structure as it was engulfed in flames.
All of a sudden, something sparked a massive blast, causing flames to shoot into the sky, rocking the family’s car as the terrified father and his 12-year-old daughter Khloey tried to scramble to safety. 

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