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Obama Executive Order On Gun Control While America Watched Boston? Joe Biden: “The President Is Already Lining Up Some Executive Actions He’s Going To Be Taking Later This Week”

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According to these stories today, one from liberal news website Stabley Times as well as another story from Nothing But Truth, Barack Obama is ready to issue executive orders on gun control since Congress has shot down an earlier attempt to squash the 2nd Amendment. In fact, Joe Biden has come right out and called for executive actions from Barack Obama on guns, this week! 

Vice President Biden told White House allies in the gun control fight Thursday that President Obama will be announcing new executive actions on gun violence in the days after the Senate voted down a gun violence bill.

On a conference call with “stakeholders,” Biden told gun control advocates that the fight is not over and that eventual action on gun control will come. Press were not invited to the conference call; a participant provided BuzzFeed with access.

“Look, I know you’re going to say that I’m just being an optimist and I’m trying to put a good face on this. But, you know, I’ve been around here a long time and we’ve already done, because of you, some really good things,” Biden said. “Number one, the president is already lining up some additional executive actions he’s going to be taking later this week.”  (Note: later THIS WEEK from Thursday is either Friday night or Saturday)

While America’s eyes have been focused upon Boston this week, what else have we been distracted from? Liberal news website Stabley Times says that it is high time that Obama take action on gun violence, in fact, they say it’s time for Obama to ‘ramp it up’. More below.


President Obama has reached his reached his wit’s end with the inability of Congress to basic the most basic of gun control reform laws due to the undue influence of the National Rifle Association over republican politicians in Washington. His next move is to bypass the NRA and the GOP both by revisiting his earlier executive orders on gun control and ramping them up to include all the changes he can’t get through Congress and more, and then begin work on permanent strong gun control legislation for introduction in 2014 after his democratic party has taken greater control of congress in midterm elections. The hardline move is in line with the will of the majority of American people, who have shown in recent polls that they’re largely in favor of strong gun control even if they own a gun own their own. Executive orders are Obama’s only method of acting on the will of the people in the name of bypassing the NRA lobbyist influence, but Obama has largely shown a hesitance to use such orders to enact severe changes thus far during his one-plus terms in office.

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