Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mayflower woman says Exxon refuses to compensate her

From:  KATV

By Jeannette Reyes, Reporter - bio | email

MAYFLOWER (KATV) - Since the Pegasus pipeline ruptured Exxon officials have said numerous times that they plan on compensating homeowners inconvenienced by the spill. But one resident who lives near the rupture site says the company owes her something even though she had no oil on her property.
"The oil spill was over in that direction," said Robin Crego, a homeowner in Mayflower. "There's no oil here, there's no problem with oil here,"
When thousands of barrels of oil came spewing out of the Pegasus pipeline and onto the streets of the North Woods subdivision nearly three hundreds yards from Crego's home, she didn't think too much of it, until crews came digging in her backyard.
"First time they came on they were just placing some stakes saying that they were checking the pipeline," she said. "Then they said they were going to have to dig."
Part of the 26 inch pipeline runs through Crego's backyard. She says crews have been digging and re-digging checking for anomalies nearly everyday. She says she knew she had a pipeline running through her property.
"I did but I believe the realtor said it was a gas line, natural gas," said Crego.
But she never thought the pipeline would burst and send crews onto her property with heavy machinery and digging deep holes.
"One of them is a 12-year-old neurotic one that is on anti-anxiety meds before this even happened so it's been kind of stressful," she said.
All this she says constitutes a valid claim, especially since she plans on putting her home up for sale soon. But, according to her, Exxon says she's missing one important element in her claim.
"He said you're not in the subdivision, you haven't had oil so you haven't been inconvenienced," said Crego.
It's an answer that Crego says has left her worried about what the future holds.
"Now I'm really starting to wonder, well, what's going to happen."
Channel 7 reached out to Exxon. One official simply said Exxon will cover all valid claims.

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