Saturday, April 20, 2013

PROOF! Boston Marathon Bombing is Staged Terror Attack

From:  Alex Jones

Through  PolyMontana

"This is most dangerous time in American history
since JFK assassination"
To be informed, You must watch this Video.
People are risking their lives to bring you this information.

Go here now to watch this truth-revealing video about the Boston bombing by a retired Lt Col.

Then watch the following video  by Alex Jones of ... which has done an outstanding job delivering the truth you must have.

Then forward this email to all your friends. As the Lt Col says, we must all join together to stop government sabotage of our lives.
Your life has just changed. 

Summary of the Lt Col's message:
The only reason you can now know the truth is because of the Internet and people like you who have contributed a vast amount of information. This public-provided information has totally blocked the planned government story prepared in advance to make you believe some right-wing nut did the bombing. 

This is most dangerous time in American history since JFK assassination. Evidence shows our government's operatives purposely killed and harmed American people. Alex Jones has proved with analysis of photos that black ops personnel were at the bombing site. Several men had large backpacks. Loudspeaker announcements told people to not be alarmed by these men, saying they were part of a "drill." Authorities later denied there was a drill. A “drill” is always a cover-up for a false flag operation.
There is a power struggle inside our government. The Fed recently trashed the price of gold to kill it as a hedge against Fed-caused inflation. The major media are CIA fronts. They have pulled their planned propaganda because of the information revealed on the Internet. 
The bottom line is the Boston Marathon bombing was a planned event designed to get you to submit to government authority.

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